That's A Wrap on the Osbourne Lights

While I've been in Disney World for the holidays for two years now, I've never seen the Dancing Lights that the Osbourne Family sponsors in Hollywood Studios. I meant to go last year, but then I got sick around the time I was planning on going, so I never made it. Well, I was telling this story to one of my coworkers and she decided it was high time I saw the Dancing Lights. 

One day after I got off of work early-ish, she and I took off and went to Hollywood Studios. We were only there for about two hours, but it was the most fun two hours I think I've had in quite some time. We walked around staring at all the holiday decorations and the holiday windows on their main streets. We walked in and out of the stores, just staring at the Christmas products deciding what we would buy if we were rich. We stopped at their Starbucks at Trolley Car Cafe, because even though we work for Starbucks we still can't get enough. It was cool seeing how their setup differed from ours, and how new some of their machines looked, since they are a newer store. 

As it was getting dark, we started meandering over toward the streets of America to get a look at the lights. Now, I've seen them in daytime, so I know how intricately they're laid out. As we were walking that way the lights flickered on, and when I say flickered I mean they turned on so brightly that we saw it happen from the opposite side, which made us even more excited for what was to come. We kept creeping closer and closer and Christie kept telling me how awesome and amazing they were and that I was going to cry (I didn't -- but almost did). 

We kept getting little sneak peeks in tiny openings here and there, which made me even more excited. We finally turned the corner and I couldn't believe my eyes. It was so amazing and breathtaking. The Christmas music was blaring and the lights were dancing along with the song. The lights only dance along every other song, so it's not too overwhelming. We would take a few steps and then stop because I couldn't believe my eyes. They have hidden mickeys (literally over 100), hidden characters, and cute little setups along the way. 

It would be one place that I wouldn't mind working because seeing the lights night after night wouldn't ever get old. They're so well timed to the music, and so intricate that it's almost unbelievable. We stayed for about six or seven songs and then started to make our way out. However we came across a little shop on the left that smelt wonderful so we had to pop in. I can't think of the name off the top of my head, but I think it's called the writer's studio or something along those lines. They had free little hot chocolates with whipped cream on top (which were delicious) and was a little break from the hectic scene that was the Dancing Lights. 

After we got some hot chocolate the song "What's This" from Nightmare Before Christmas was playing so I HAD to go back to the lights to see it because it's Christian's favorite song from that movie so I took a little video to send to him. Since we were back in the lights, Christie told me we had to walk back toward the other side because there was a little area in the back that is quiet/incredibly beautiful, so off we went. She was right, and it was almost like a little sanctuary in the back. 

Apparently as it gets later in the night, the streets get more and more thinned out so it's not as hectic. I would love to go back and look at them at least one more time before they disappear for good. While I'm sad that they won't be there after this year, I'm excited to see what happens with the park in the coming years. 
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