Starting Our Own Traditions

In my family, traditions are very important. There are just certain things you do (and don't do) every year that always seem to stay in place. One of these traditions is carving pumpkins for Halloween. I don't know if we've done them EVERY single year, but for as long as I can remember we've carved pumpkins. It's funny because I was talking to my mom on the phone the other day, and she was saying how my step-dad was thinking of throwing away our hand made pumpkin carving tools because 'nobody carves pumpkins with them' Oh boy was he wrong. Ironically, later that night my sister stopped by my moms house to borrow them to carve pumpkins with her boyfriend. 

Since I moved out, I've been struggling to find a balance between making my own traditions and preserving the traditions that I grew up with. In all honesty, it's more of me keeping our old traditions while also creating some of my own. It's hard being away from home and my family, especially during the holiday times, but I'm making it work. Since starting to date Christian, we've talked about traditions that we want to keep from both of our families, and traditions we think we should add on to the already long list. 

Since Christian and I don't really get to spend a ton of time together, living on opposite sides of the country and all, we decided to make the holidays we do get to spend together extra special. So, this Halloween we came up with a list of things we want to do for Halloween every year: carve pumpkins while watching Halloween movies (not scary ones), bake the pumpkin seeds, and bake the sugar cookies from the store that have the Halloween symbols on them. These are basically everything I used to my family, just now carrying it on with him. 

We probably should have prepared a little bit better, but we didn't. I had bought the pumpkins before he landed in Orlando, but we didn't think about carving them or what we wanted to carve into them until late at night. So instead of doing intricate carvings of characters or words, we decided to go with the traditional jack-o-lanterns this year. They turned out pretty well, but I think that next year we'll hopefully plan a little bit better. 
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