Making Our Apartment a Home

Moving out has been an interesting thing to say the least. The past few times when I've moved out, I've either moved into an apartment that I was only going to be in for my duration of the college program, or I was in a sorority house, or a house that I was only in for a year during school. I've never really had to buy my own things for my own house/apartment. However, this time I've had to. 

I've come to realize how much stuff my parents have that I don't have/need to get, and what makes a house a home. My parent's kitchen's are awesome. They're stocked full of things that you need for cooking obscure recipes and for cooking family recipes. The first few nights we were here, we didn't have ANYTHING at all really, and it was so difficult. Now when I'm in the kitchen and I go to reach for something that I don't have (which happens more often than not) I write down what I need. If I go to reach for it more than once, or think about it more than once, I put a tally down next to it. 

Now, when I go shopping for decorations/things like that I mainly go to HomeGoods because not only is it cheap but they've got some pretty awesome stuff for decorating/the home. The only bad thing about the store is sometimes when you find something absolutely perfect, they may not have multiples of it because they only have what's on the floor (for the most part). So sometimes, you may not be getting a full set of whatever it is that you wanted. 

For me, one of the things that I really wanted after our ant problem was little containers to sit on the counter that hold sugar and flour. My mom and dad both have containers at home that hold our flour and our sugar, which is awesome but I wanted something a little more decorative that could just sit on the counter so I didn't have to pull out the big tub every time I wanted something. Now this may change, but for right now it works. 

I found what I wanted right away, but could only find one of the jars. It was perfect -- it was white with a brown cork top that fit right in and had a little fleur-de-lis on it. I walked around for what felt like forever looking for a duplicate and couldn't find it so I settled for three other ones, with a matching oil and vinegar set as well. The jars, a kitchen utensil holder, and a spoon to put on the stove to set down your cooking spoon while you're cooking only set me back about $40. Which for me, was practically perfect. I'm very much in the mind set that you don't have to have a lot of things all at once, but more so create the perfect collection one week (or so) at a time. 
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