Coming Back...Again

I could sit here and give you reason upon reason in which I haven't written in forever. But the truth is, I haven't really wanted to. I'm extremely bad at doing things that I don't want to do, and honestly lately I've been loving living life in the now. Previously, since I hadn't written so much I felt extremely overwhelmed with all the things I wanted to write about because I thought I had to write everything down. If I didn't write it down, wouldn't I forget it? What if I didn't have enough time. 

Honestly, there's a ton of stuff that has happened recently I would love to write about. But as of right now, I'm starting over. So think of this as a new introduction to who I am. Hi, nice to meet you. My name is Maria and I work for Disney World full time. This means that some weeks I work 32 hours, but most weeks I work 40-50 hours, which is one of the many reasons I haven't written lately. I love working for Disney, and am getting used to my job. I am dating a guy named Christian, who still lives in California. I share an apartment with two other girls, and though Florida is great and all, I think about moving home all the time. 

I have a few pictures that I wanted to post that I took with my actual camera, but from here on out I'm not going to try and recap everything that happened in California and everything I felt. I'm going to try and write my posts the night before for the next day. Sometimes it'll happen, and sometimes it won't happen. But after taking a month (or so) off of blogging and just becoming acclimated with my new schedule, I think I'm ready. For the beginning I'm going to for sure try and post every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

I've also got a YouTube Channel (click here) that I post to more so regularly than here, especially since I had a backlog of footage when Christian came down to visit. 

Here's to new beginnings (for the millionth time), and finding what I love.
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