The Very Last Day -- Part 1

The last day came before I even knew it. As it was approaching, my boyfriend and I braced ourselves for the inevitable, my leaving. It was always the plan – go home after the Disneyland College Program for two weeks, then head to Florida where I would start my career in Orlando with the Walt Disney Company. One way or another, I knew going into everything that I couldn’t stay in California. There were so many factors that went into it, but more on that later…

My last day in Anaheim couldn’t have been more perfect; I spent it doing what I loved with the people I loved most. Christian and I started out the day by checking out of my apartment around 10 in the morning. That was the most interesting thing that happened because apparently I read the instructions wrong (just like every other person in the program) and instead of going to the office to get the person doing my check out, I sat in my wrong. Wrong move. We waited about 30 minutes and then I headed down and was like…so…are you going to do my check out and the lady was like you were supposed to come here. We laughed about it and then she came to check out the apartment. It literally took two minutes because my apartment was spotless (Christian and I had speed cleaned it earlier).

Afterward, we called our friends Corey & Vanessa to see if they were awake yet (they weren’t), because we were all going to go to iHop for breakfast. Since they weren’t ready just yet, Christian and I finally had time to go to Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf coffee shop that I had heard so much about. In all honesty, it was just okay. It wasn’t anything really that special. We then walked over to iHop to have breakfast with Corey & Vanessa. Afterward, we headed back to his house to clean up a little bit and pack up my suitcases. A two hour process later, we thought we had everything under control (jokes), so we decided to take a nap, because what else do you do when you’re exhausted. 
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