The Sweetest Date Night

My boyfriend is probably the sweetest person I've met in quite some time, definitely one of the reasons why we're dating. Now normally, I do all the cooking. I'm from the south, and I've grown up cooking/in the kitchen so I don't mind. We've got the agreement that if I do the cooking, he'll clean the kitchen up afterward. 

I've cooked for Christian many times, and every time he asks me what he can do to help me out, whether it be just cutting vegetables for me, or grabbing something that I forgot. Most of the time I like to cook by myself, so he would just keep me company but every now and then I would let him help. He would ask all the time if he could cook for me, since I always did so much for him, and finally one day I relented.

One day as a surprise, he picked me up from work with all the things he needed to make dinner in the back seat. I was shocked, but pleasantly surprised. He told me to go shower and take a nap and when he was done he would wake me up. So that's just what I did. It was the sweetest thing to come home to after a long day working outside in the heat. He ended up making chicken parmesan, one of our favorites. It was one of the kindest, and thoughtful things he could have done, especially since he's lactose intolerant. Seriously though, I've lucked out. Completely
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