The Angles in the Outfield

My boyfriend's all time favorite baseball team is the Anaheim Angles. He was born and raised there, so it's only natural that it's his favorite team. When I was in California, we made sure to go to a lot of baseball games, partly because they're his favorite and partly because he wanted to teach me baseball. The first baseball game that we went to was an Angels game with his family, and it was the most fun game ever. We spent a lot of time watching the game, but we also took a break here and there to walk around the stadium. It was so amazing to walk through the stadium and see everything through his eyes. He would get giddy when talking about certain things or memories that he had while at the stadium. 

The second time that we went to Angles stadium, it was just Christian and I. Though I love Christian's family to death, it was really special to go to his favorite place in the world with just him. He and I got higher seats than the last time, but that's perfectly fine by me because I like being up higher to watch the games. I know everyone loves to be up close and personal to the players, but I feel like I can see better when I'm higher up...just me? 

We sat next to a nice older couple who we chatted with about baseball and the memories they had in the stadium. It was a nice evening, really. Then when they left about halfway through the game, they gave us vouches for hot dogs and sodas. It was so nice of them and something they didn't have to do. Around the 7th inning, we got up to walk around and get some food. It was a good date, and something that I learned to love. I didn't grow up with baseball, but learning it through his eyes made me love it almost as much as I love football.
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