Pluto Meets A Service Dog

One of the most magical things, and probably the sweetest thing, that I saw while I was in Disneyland was the day that Pluto met a Service Dog. I'm not sure why the service dog was there, or what was happening, but it was so cute. Some friends and I were just walking into Disneyland to hang out for a little bit, when on Main Street we spotted a little bit of a crowd gather. We, being the nosy people that we are, wanted to see what was going on. So, we scooted our way over to see what was happening. Then out of no where, we see Pluto on the ground posing for pictures with a huge service dog. I honestly think the pup was a great dane. It was so cute. 

Working in Disneyland gave me some access to some of the most creative and magical moments that happen all over the park, and even gave me the opportunity to create some of my own. I was able to talk to families during the parades, and fireworks, and get to know them. I had the power to make a decision to do something, if I wanted to. It was such a great feeling creating something special for families when they didn't expect it. It was so great to get families and walk them to the front of the line when there were crazy lines, or even something as simple as giving the young ones a sticker or a drivers license. 

My most memorable magical moment that I created was for a little boy. He was about seven years old, and he had lost his one of a kind, create your own, droid from the Star Tours store. He lost it somewhere on our ride, and after about 20 minutes of having other people searching for me, and searching as much as I could, I wanted to do something more about it. So, I talked with my lead, and they gave me permission to replace it for him. I was able to give the gift of another, one of a kind, droid to this little boy, who spent his own money on it. His mom was so grateful and he gave the biggest hug in the world. It's the little things like that, that meant the most. It wasn't super expensive, and it brightened this little boys day.  
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