One Big Disneyland Family

One of the best things about working in Disneyland is how close you become with your coworkers. you see these people literally every day, sometimes six of seven days a week. You work about 40 hours with them, if not more. They become your support system, your best friends, your team. You trust them with all your heart and you couldn't imagine doing anything without them. 

About halfway through my College Program in Disneyland, we had a get together dinner for Autopia, where I worked. We really didn't expect too many people to come out, but we didn't really know how many people to expect. The greatest thing about the people at Autopia? They show up. Literally about, 75 people showed up that night. We took over the back room at a fast food joint place thingy and had the best time. We were all there for hours just talking and drinking and eating. One of the best things about it was the fact that people who had gone to cross train at their second and third attractions came back and saw everyone too. 

I couldn't be more grateful for these people. They had my back, literally and figuratively. Whenever I needed anything, they would be there with advice or with a shoulder to cry on, and whenever I almost stepped out on track without paying attention because I was so tired from working a 47 hour week (that I signed up for) or working 10 days in a row, they would literally pull the back of my shirt so I didn't step out in front of anything without checking. Working in attractions is not easy. It's hard work, especially when the track is 15 degrees hotter than it is actually outside, but I couldn't imagine doing it with a better crew.
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