Disney's Celebration -- Our End of Program Dance

When you successfully complete the Disneyland College Program, you’re invited to an end of program event called ‘Celebration’. When I first heard about it, I was very apprehensive about going –who would I go with, would it be fun, do I even want to go to this thing? In the end, it wasn’t the greatest experience in the world, but I’m glad that I went.

At Celebration, there’s a dinner beforehand where certain students are selected to sit at ‘executive tables’ and eat dinner with people who are higher up in the company. I didn’t want to be and I wasn’t considered for that spot. In my program, I wanted to do what I wanted to do and that didn’t always align with the goals of the College Program. One of my friends was selected to sit at the table, and she definitely deserved it but it was not for me. Instead, I sat at a table with the people that I spent the most time with – my coworkers. We ate the dinner, which was interesting and not exactly what we wanted, but hey it was free food and we’ll take it.

Then we danced and had fun. We waited in line for the photo booth and for a chance to take a picture with Mickey Mouse in his graduation gown. Since I don’t really like meeting characters (they kind of terrify me), and my friend Kaitlin doesn’t really like meeting them either, we took a picture together and then got out as quickly as we could. Christian had dropped us off at celebration so Sonya and I walked out to his car with Kaitlin and we proceeded to go home. When we got to our apartment, I cleaned out the rest of my stuff and gave Christian all the food I didn’t want to take with me. Since Kaitlin was waiting for us to bring her back to her apartment, she ended up getting a bit of food too. We can’t really take it with us so it was nice to be able to give it to someone who needed it/could actually use it.  We brought Kaitlin home and then headed to Christians for some sleep. After all, I did have my last day of work the next day.
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