California Food: Wing Stop

Almost everything that we did in California revolved around food, especially when you get off of work.  Need to talk to your best friend after work? Go get some food. Tired after work? Get some food. California has a lot to offer in the food department, with so many different places to choose from and so many different types of food to consider. 

I had never heard of Wing Stop before moving to California, but apparently it was a huge deal to one of my friends. After we had gotten off of work one day, he offered to bring me home. But before that, since we were hungry and it astounded him that I had never even heard of Wing Stop, we made a pitstop on the way home. We had some stuff to talk about, and I wanted to get some advice from him. Plus, he was obsessed with Wing Stop and we were hungry so why not! 

When I got there, I was a little overwhelmed by all the options, so it took me a moment to look through everything and make a decision. I ended up getting garlic parmesan and honey bbq, because I knew if I wouldn't eat the whole thing, then Christian would eat the rest of them for dinner. We ended up getting fries to share, and we both got a coke. I'm not a really big wing person, but I loved them and Christian was super jealous that we got Wing Stop without him. No worries though, he did get my leftovers and loved them.
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