Building A Bed From IKEA

Before moving to California, I had never been to IKEA before. I had heard of this wonderful, magical place but there wasn't one near us that I could go to so I had never went. However, whenever it came time to move out of College Program housing and into a real apartment, one of my friends asked me to accompany her to IKEA to help get furniture and a bed and build it. Silly me, thought that it wouldn't be that difficult, so why not. When I got to IKEA I was so overwhelmed by the amount of things they had, I didn't know where to start. 

She had been to IKEA before because that is where she got her furniture for college from, so she was basically a pro at this. She walked me through the upstairs (and downstairs), and showed me everything which helped me get an idea of what I wanted to buy for my apartment in Orlando. Everything was going great. We walked through, picked out her furniture, picked it up from downstairs, and checked out. Then came the hard part: getting everything into the car. Boy oh boy was it a challenge. She has a Honda Civic, which aren't the biggest cars in the world (space wise), so we had to really think. 

It was a good thing that I'm pretty good at Tetris and she's pretty good at helping lift things, because about an hour later we got everything into her car and were on our way back to her place. By the time we got everything out the car, with a stop to get pizza along the way, it was getting dark outside. Little did we remember that her room in her apartment didn't have an overhead light, so we definitely couldn't build the furniture that night. Once we got everything out, and into her room, we said goodbye to the apartment for the night and headed back home.

The next day, I promised her that I would help build her bed after our 8 hour shifts at work. We were exhausted and hot, but we had a mission. After about an hour, we finished building the bed and we were so proud. The literal first words out of our mouths were "we didn't kill each other, and we're still friends." That, my friends, is how you know your friendship will last.
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