Monday's Were for Softball

Softball was never a sport that I even remotely thought that I would end up playing one day, but then I started dating Christian. Christian is a huge baseball fan – baseball/softball/whiffle ball are equal in his eyes when it comes to playing the sport. Since I worked for Disney and a ton of my friends were interested in playing softball, they invited me to join the team. I reluctantly agreed because the needed more girls to play on the team. All my friends were play, and I mean, how hard could it really be….boy was I in for a surprise.

After I agreed to play on the team with them, Christian and I went to get baseball gear. By baseball gear, I mean cleats and batting gloves. He had a glove that I could use so I didn’t have to buy one of those and attempt to ship it to myself, because let me just tell you packing up your entire life in three suitcases (one carryon size) is not fun, nor is it easy. Our team is called Balls & Dolls, and we’re not half bad. Sometimes we would make errors, but not often. We won two games and lost two games, by the time I had left, missed one game because of rain (yes, rain), had two batting practices, and countless whiffle ball practices. I got an accidental triple, and the bruise to prove it, and hit most of the balls that we're thrown to me.

I played right field and usually batted as the third girl (or first/second depending on which girls actually showed up). I wouldn’t say I was great, but then again I wouldn’t say that I was awful either. It was definitely a learning experience and everyone did a really good job coaching me when I needed it. It was something that I used to get closer to my friends and honestly it was just a good time. Will I join another softball league? Maybe not, but the answer surely isn’t no. After all, I do have some of the materials. 
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  2. I played right field and typically batted as the third young lady (or first/second contingent upon which young ladies really appeared). I wouldn't say I was awesome, however on the other hand I wouldn't say that I was terrible either. It was certainly a learning background and everybody made a better than average showing with regards to guiding me when I required it. It was something that I used to get nearer to my companions and sincerely it was only a decent time.

  3. LOVE this post. Lots to think about. Thank you.


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