And I'm Back to Square One

It’s kind of hard to really know where to begin, but I’ve got a lot of ideas and a lot of things I want to write down. When I started on the Disneyland College Program, I thought I was going to set aside time every night to write. I thought that because I only had one roommate, I would have so much more time. I thought that because I didn’t know anyone in California, I would be able to sit down every night and write a little bit. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Right now, I'm in between places. I'm on my way to Florida but I'm stopped over in Louisiana to repack all my stuff and get everything ready to start back up again. It's been an interesting experience, and I'm excited to tell you everything about it but in the mean time, I'll leave you with this. 

Going to California was one of the best decisions that I could have made for myself, and while it was a tough decision to make, I’m so glad that I did. I gained the experience of a lifetime, some of the greatest friends I think I will ever have, memories for a lifetime of stories, and the kindest and most caring boyfriend in the entire world.

Though this post is a short one, don’t worry there are plenty more to come. Trust me, right now I’m currently sitting on my second flight of two, heading home and there’s really nothing better that I could do right now then write. Though the posts may not come in the order in which the events happened in real life, I’ll try and keep it as consistent as possible. Besides, I’ve got to have some way of updating my life – seeing where I’ve come from and how far I’ve gone.
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