The Most Terrifying: The Tower of Terror

When Lauren and Madison were in town visiting, one of the things that they really wanted to do was go on The Tower of Terror in Disney's California Adventure. Now, Disney World has the original ride which opened in 1994, and California Adventure's opened in 2004. We all adore Tower out in Hollywood Studios, so we figured that it would be the same/very similar to the one there. Though to be completely honest we didn't really have a clue what would happen. 

The picture above is from the second time that we went on the ride because the first time we went on it, our faces were of hysteria/pure terror. Because we went in blind, and weren't really sure what to expect it was fun and terrifying at the same time. After we got off of the ride for the first time we were all kind of shakey and had to take a moment because we were like 'what did we just experience.'  

One of the largest differences, that isn't really a spolier, is the fact that in Disney World, the ride takes you through the tower, and in Disneyland they do not. This is the biggest difference because we didn't really know what to expect because there wasn't any switching tracks. It's solely up and down. The other difference here is the queue line. The line inside the tower after you watch the video is absolutely terrifying here as well. I feel as if it's a lot creepier and a lot more ominous here. 

Loading here is really different as well, because there is an upstairs and a downstairs. I still haven't quite figured out how it works just yet but basically depending on which side you go on depends on if you go upstairs or if you stay on the ground floor. It's the same loading type situation, I've been in both, and honestly it's very similar to the one in Hollywood Studios, there are just six loading stations. All in all, I can say Tower of Terror is one of my favorite ride at both parks and they're very well done in both parks as well.
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