The Disneyland Hotels

One of the massive differences that Disneyland and Disney World have comes in terms of space. With this comes the differences in the amount of areas that each one controls, especially when it comes to hotels. Disneyland only has three hotels, while Disney World has 25 hotels to choose from. One of the reasons for this is because Disney owns so much land in Florida and does not own even half as much land here in California. One of the major problems that California has is the land when it comes to expansion and updating.

However, one of the first things that my roommate took me to see whenever we got down here was the three different hotels here in California. They're all so different, yet so great. Now, they don't impress me as much as the hotels in Florida do, but that's also because the theming is not as in your face as the hotels in Florida. While I'm very okay with this, I love the fact that Florida's hotels theming is very out there and in your face. 

The three hotels out here in California are Paradise Pier, Grand California Hotel and Spa, and the Disneyland Hotel. My favorite had to be the Disneyland Hotel solely because of the fact of how beautiful it was. They had conception artwork and original pieces from each park in each of the three land based hotels: Frontierland, Fantasyland, and Adventureland. There are hidden Mickey's in the elevators, and there are beautiful pieces of art work in the halls. 

In California, there are no really 'budget' hotels, like Florida has. Because like I've said earlier, there's not the room for it. If you don't want to spend nearly as much, you can always stay in non-Disney hotels, however you don't get the same experience that you would if you stay in a Disney hotel. It's a trade off, but it's always something to consider. I would always say to stay in a Disney hotel, but I know it's not always something that is feasible. Disney does an amazing job with their theming throughout and they definitely did an amazing job with their hotels here. 
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