Why I Can't Pinpoint the Concept of Home

The concept of home, at least for me, changes on a daily basis. I get the questions "are you going home?" or "are you going home-home?" or "are you going back to Florida?" on a daily basis. People here are very curious of if I'm going to stay out here with the company (which I love), or if I'm going to return 'home'. This question is always hard for me because I never really have a good answer. 

My concept of home changes for me depending on who I'm talking to at the time. If I'm talking to my best friends back in Florida, Tom and Sonya, I talk about home as Florida and I say 'actual home' when talking about Louisiana. For me, Louisiana will always be the original. It will always be the place where my heart lies. However, because of future plans (which I'll write about later) I always refer to Florida as home.

However, when I'm talking to people out here in California, I'll refer to Louisiana as home or my apartment as home. It's weird to think that you can say, oh I'm going home and people won't know how to take it because you're not from the state that you live in currently. Whenever I say I'm going home, people always question here if I mean to my apartment or Louisiana. So it's made me almost start second guessing things and saying "I'm going to my apartment" or "I'm going home (aka Louisiana)."

California is great, but it never really felt like home to me. It didn't when I got here, and it won't when I leave (probably). It's not home for me because I don't feel as if I can leave roots here. It's a place I'll always cherish, but it's not a place where I could see myself living forever. I've always really felt this way though. I never really even thought of the West Coast as a place that I could live forever. It's always been ideal to travel to/visit, but never to live permanently. The East Coast/South holds my heart and that's were I'll stay.  
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