We're Going to Griffith Observatory

Griffith Observatory is one place that I really wanted to visit whenever we came out to California for many reasons. One of these reasons is because of the significance that it holds for Disneyland/Disney World/employees of the Disney Company in general. Griffith Park (which is located near/in the observatory) is where Walt Disney originally had the idea for Disneyland. 

He was sitting, watching his girls go around on the Merry Go Round, fully aware that he would never be able to experience it with them. It was in that moment where he realized that he wanted to build a place for families: a place for kids and adults to enjoy themselves together. 

Whenever I went there, I didn't have high expectations but I did expect to feel somewhat of a connection to Disney (more so than I had previously). It made me appreciate the place where I came from, and where I was going. It made me really appreciate the company and the man behind the dream. 

Griffith Observatory was really, really cool. I got to see a lot of exhibits about space and a lot of stuff about gasses and our planets and I even got to take a picture with Einstein. Although this was just the first stop before our hiking trip, it was completely worth it, and if you have some time you should definitely check it out. 
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