To Go To UCLA or Not To Go To UCLA

Whenever we came to California, we wanted to make the most out of every situation and explore as much as we could. This meant for my roommate, checking out UCLA for Graduate School and seeing the campus. For me, it just meant going along for the ride. I do want to go to graduate school, however UCLA doesn't have any programs that I am interested in. 

The campus is about an hour away, especially with traffic, from our apartment so we left as early as we could in the morning (about 11, for us), and quickly settled into a pattern of the day: expect the unexpected. It started when we stopped to get gas and road trip snacks: I couldn't figure out what I wanted so it took me about ten minutes to grab some snacks for my roommate and I and finally get on the road. When we did, we had a relatively smooth trip to UCLA. However, once we got onto campus, that was almost a nightmare. 

The area that the campus surrounds is absolutely beautiful and wonderful. Though the campus was unfamiliar to me, because I was not interest in it, and my roommate because she didn't know where she was going either. The people at the parking office were super unhelpful, and we ended up just driving around until we found a place to park. After that, we finally got out the car and started walking around and my roommate wasn't 100% sure where to go, so we just wandered around for a bit. I didn't mind too much because the campus was beautiful.

We finally found the building and we were able to go and talk to a graduate school counselor for the history department who was the nicest lady I've ever met. She made me believe that I could do anything in just the half hour we spoke with her. UCLA seems like a wonderful place to go, if only they had a program that I was interested in. 
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