No Secrets, Man. No Secrets

Our apartment in Anaheim is gorgeous. It's open, and spacious. However, it's also a studio apartment for two people, which presents it's own problems. Luckily, I knew my roommate before coming into this program, otherwise it would have been incredibly awkward. 

The first thing that I said to Sonya when we opened our apartment door was "no secrets." It's a joke that we've carried on from the first day here, that we'll have until the last day here. Our apartment doesn't have any walls...except for the bathroom, and our closet. Normally this wouldn't be an issue, but considering the fact that we both work opposite shifts most of the time, we're finding it a little bit difficult to figure out schedules that work for both of us.

It's super difficult when you're trying to cook dinner, and your roommate is asleep. Or you're trying to pack your lunch in the morning without turning on too many lights for fear of waking the other one up. It's definitely a balancing act, but one we're starting to excel at. 

Some day's we'll work similar schedules so we actually see each other and laugh and have a good time, but most days it's notes on the mirror and 'have a good day' as one of us is running out of the door. Hopefully, we'll actually get some time off soon so we can hang out, but for now here's to working crazy hours and loving every minute of it. 
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