Making Gumbo in California

Making gumbo in Florida was something that was a challenge in and of itself because it was hard to find the correct spices and the right type of meat that I use back home. So whenever I decided that I wanted to make gumbo in California, I was expecting all kinds of issues as well. However I was pleasantly surprised when it was a lot easier for me to make gumbo here in California. 

Whenever I went grocery shopping, I was looking specifically for andoullie sausage and I immediately found it in a Walmart here. It was amazing and I was so excited, I immediately called my mom. Her response? You should have realized because it's California and they have a ton of 'weird food' and other stuff there. All I could do was laugh. 

Usually in Louisiana we wait for 'gumbo weather' before making the first batch of gumbo of the season, but I knew that there was no way in hell it would ever reach that here. You see, gumbo weather is cold weather. Cold enough to warrant hot soup. It got cold here, but it was never bone chilling cold. So I bit the bullet and just ahead and made gumbo. 

Gumbo takes about three hours to make - it's a process. Especially when you tend to multitask like I do. I usually split it up over a few days because it's easier just to have everything chopped up and then throw it all in the pot and go from there. Making a roux, the base for the gumbo, takes about thirty minutes by itself. So, about three hours later my gumbo was finally done. Being able to make food from home, by memory, is the most liberating thing in the world. I'll always have my comfort food.
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