Hiking to the Hollywood Sign

Hiking to the Hollywood sign has been the most interesting adventure that I've had in California to date. This is partially because we weren't really prepared for it; for some reason we didn't think it was going to actually be a hard hike. We got a late start to the day, which is normally okay, but not when it takes 5 hours to hike to the hollywood sign and back. 

Then when we finally got there, we ended up hanging at Griffith Park for a bit (more on that later). We finally ended up starting the hike and didn't really realize what we got ourselves into until about an hour an a half in when we still weren't to the top. We took possibly the hardest way there, and there were many times when we wanted to give up, but we never did. We perservered through and made it all the way to the sign. The day included lots of jokes "we're almost there guys", "right over that hill" and a lot of sweat. 

When we finally made it to the top, we couldn't have been happier. We worked our butts off to get there, so we stayed there for a good while, prolonging the trip back down the mountain. Once we finally decided to go back down, we decided to take the road down (a much better idea then the one we started with). All in all, it was an amazing trip. We watched the sun set on the way down - something that made us nervous and excited us at the same time. Plus, driving back down from Griffith during dark was amazing because you get such a great view of the city with all the lights at night.

After the crazy trek that we had, we decided that we were much overdue for in-n-out because none of us had eaten that day, and none of us thought to bring any food either (because that would have been the smart/responsible thing to do). We ate as much as we could at in-n-out after our 1.5 hour car ride back to our side of the city, and then all piled back into the car for some much needed sleep. A shower after that night had never felt so good. 

Hiking to the Hollywood Sign is something that I'm glad that I did once, but if it were up to me if I were to do it again, I'd definitely want to be more prepared and I would definitely want to leave a lot earlier. It's something I can add to the 'I did that' list, but if I never did it again, I wouldn't be mad. 
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