Grocery Shopping in California

Grocery shopping in California has been an adventure in itself to say the least. Since I don't have a car, I have to be creative about things and smart about what I need to get when I need to get it. One of the first grocery shopping trips that I made whenever I got down here was going to Walmart with my roommate. We needed a lot of things for our apartment, and we needed food. It was probably the most expensive shopping trip I've taken to date, but it was completely necessary.

After we finished shopping we loaded everything into the car and then stared at everything we had, wondering how we were going to get it from our parking garage to our apartment, which are about a block away from each other. We gathered everything we could in one trip and then went back down with our suitcases. Yes, you read that: our suitcases. The easiest way for us to bring everything to our apartment was to load all of our groceries into our suitcases and just go from there. 

When we finally got back to our apartment, we just laid everything on the floor and stared at it, and laughed. All we could do at that point was laugh because of how much stuff we had bought (that we needed, of course). We were finally able to unpack everything and then we laughed at the fact that we had used our suitcases to move our groceries. 

Now, it's not always like this in California. We have a smaller grocery store by our  house that we can use on the daily/weekly basis when we don't need too many things. And in this case I just bring my reusable shopping bags and limit what I buy to how much I can carry. Now this means that sometimes I'm at the grocery store once a week, and sometimes I'm at the grocery store twice a week. It just depends on what I need and how much of it I need. It's always an adventure, and I love every moment of it.
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