Getting Letters from Home

There's nothing harder for me than living on the West Coast. Everyone says West Coast Best Coast, but honestly it's just not for me. Living out here, so far away from home, is super hard for me. I love the East Coast. I love the South. I love Florida. California's okay, and the scenery is to die for, but it's not home. It has never felt like home (to date), and it probably won't feel like home by the time that I leave. 

I'm lucky enough that I have friends all over the country. I've lived in four different places in the last two years, which is actually crazy to me. I never thought I would live outside of Louisiana, nevertheless in another country, or two other states. I am in love with traveling, and I wouldn't trade these past two years for the world. 

However, something that keeps me grounded and keeps reminding me why I do what I do is getting letters from home. It's something that keeps me going out here. My dad has sent me letters, as have my mom, my paw paw, and my best friends from all over. Recently, my best friend Kelsey sent me a post card from New Orleans that she bought while we were there. On the post card, she wrote out a very personal message to me and I cried when I got it. I've been so blessed to make so many new friends the past year, some that I couldn't imagine my life without, and it's crazy to me to think how influential they have been in my life. 

Snail mail is hands down the greatest thing in the world, and if you don't agree with me than you're absolutely crazy.
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