Checking the Writing on the Walls...I Mean Mirrors

One thing that Sonya and I do, that I absolutely adore, is write notes on the mirrors to each other. One of the first things that we did whenever we moved into the apartments was buy expo markers for the mirror in the bathroom and the mirror in the common area/bedroom area. You see, since we have such different schedules and instead of texting each other everything since it's not always that important we just write things on the mirrors. 

Sometimes it's cute little notes about having a good day, and other times it's GRE words that we need to be studying. It's something that I hadn't really ever done before, and I love it. I had always written little things on my mirrors, but never anything written out in too much depth. It's a trait that I'll definitely bring to other apartments that I have from here on out because it's just way too easy to keep up with things this way. 

My favorite drawing that we've had so far is the one that Sonya drew on the mirror before my first day at Autopia. She is such a talented artist, even if she doesn't believe it and it was so precious I had to take 1239210 pictures of it and post it everywhere because I loved it so much.
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