Checking In: Version 2.0

Coming to California, I wasn't really sure what to expect. I didn't know how the Disneyland College Program was going to differ from the Disney World College Program, and I wasn't really 100% sure of how things were going to go down: especially when it came to Check In Day. 

Checking into the program in California was seriously different from checking into the program in Florida. Checking in here in California took a lot less time and was a lot more streamlined, but that's to be expected. In Florida, there are over 2,000 program participants. Here in California, there are 263 of us that live in housing and only 400 program participants total. It's obvious that things are supposed to run better here because it is such a small program. 

Our check in day in Florida, we stood in a bunch of different lines and they told us what park and what area we would be working in, gave us everything for our cars and our apartments, and then told us a time to come back to be drug tested for certain roles that we had. Because I was in attractions here and in Florida, I had to be drug tested both times. 

Here in California, there was one apartment building (as opposed to four apartment complexes with at least 30 buildings in each), and everything happened on check in day in the building. You got everything in one line (except for your work location - they didn't give you that until traditions here). 

It was pouring raining here for our check in day, so it took a bit longer than usual (or so they say). But it was totally worth it because everything was in the same building. It's cool being able to see everyone who was doing the program, even if you didn't become super close to them. We bonded waiting to go to the bathroom for our drug tests, and waiting for the stair cases to bring our luggage up. It's a lot more intimate program here, and I'm not sure if I like that. But so far, so good.
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