A War of Two Worlds: Soundsational Parade vs. Festival of Fantasy

Comparing Disneyland and Disney World is something you shouldn't do - it's not something that you can really do. It's like comparing oranges and apples. They're both fruits, but they're two completely different things. However, it's only human nature to try and compare Disneyland and Disney Word. One of the first things I compared whenever I got down here was the two parades that they have: Soundsational Parade and Festival of Fantasy. 

The first time I saw Soundsational, I knew that I had seen it before but I just didn't know where. I knew the music, but couldn't figure out how I knew it for the life of me. I just brushed it off my shoulder and kept on watching. I thought I was crazy at first, but whenever Lauren and Madison came to visit me, Lauren kept singing the music even though she had never seen the parade before. We spent three days trying to figure out how she and I knew the music and couldn't. 

 I think it's slightly unfair to compare both Soundsational and Festival of Fantasy because they're such different parades. Yes, they're both the day parades but that's about the end of their similarities. I have such a fondness for Festival of Fantasy that I think it's unfair that I attempted to compare them in my mind. Soundsational is definitely growing on me, but it's not something that I would go out of my way to watch every day (like I would for FoF). I feel like the parades are just done a lot better in Disney World, especially the Boo to You parade. 

Then the other day I was watching Festival of Fantasy online, because I miss it that much (yes, I'm crazy it's cool), and I realized how I knew the Soundsational music when I first heard it. If you watch Festival of Fantasy, just after the Dragon breathes fire and the creatures from Sleeping Beauty go past, the characters from Pinocchio, Snow White, and Dumbo come out right before a Dumbo float and then last but not least, Mickey and Minnie. When they come out, a sample of the music from Soundsational plays. It's a nod to the classics in Disneyland, and Soundsational parade. I immediately grabbed my phone and texted Lauren in all caps. She was just as excited as I was to figure everything out. It was so great. 
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