A Valentines Day Care Package

My family doesn't have a ton of money to throw around all willy nilly, but they like to do what they can when they can for me. One of the things that they have taken to doing, especially since I moved out of state, is sending me little care packages. There's a lot of stuff that I like that I can't get in Florida, or in California, which is difficult for me. So my parent's often ask me what do I need, if anything. 

Easily, they can always send me coffee, because it's impossible for me to find good coffee here. They can also always send me Zapps chips, because they're hands down the best and I can't find those anywhere either. However, other than that there usually isn't anything that I really need

My mom is one of the biggest proponents of me doing what I am doing currently. She loves to support me in anyway she can, and whenever they send e a car package, it reminds me how much I am loved and how much they do miss me and want me to have every little taste of home. 

My parents were the ones who taught me that there is magic in the world, and to believe in it with all your heart. Yes, you should be grounded in the real world, but there's nothing wrong with believing in magic. For Valentines Day, actually I got it after Mardi Gras, but there's nothing wrong with that, she sent me a package of everything I may need in the future. It was good because I did need a little more coffee (I always need more coffee). I am the biggest believer in doing what you can, and my parents will support me to the moon and back and I couldn't be more grateful than I am now.
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