What Time is the 3 o'Clock Parade?

"It's the festival of fantasyyyyyyy." Whenever I was at Disney World, during my College Program, Disney World had a newish parade out called "Festival of Fantasy." It took me a couple of months to actually sit down and watch the parade, but when I finally did I was sad that it had taken me so long. It is an amazing parade, and I absolutely fell in love with it. 

Not only is the parade all of the good things you've dreamt about, but it also incorporates some of the evil things that you've dreamt about as well. There is a point in the parade where Prince Phillip must fight the dragon, and fire actually comes out of the dragons mouth. It is amazing. 

There's a long standing joke among cast members that you get asked "What time is the 3 o'clock parade?" This is because before Festival of Fantasy, it was a completely different parade with a completely different name but nobody could ever remember the parade. They only ever knew what time the parade was, 3pm, yet they would always ask at what time the parade was. 

There's a classic mix of characters from older Disney movies and from newer Disney movies, and of course my favorite Tiana is in the parade. The dancers costumes (my absolute favorite) are so intricate and so well done that you can't help but stand there in awe when you look at them and watch them move. 

You can watch the parade anywhere from the beginning in Frontierland down to Main Street, but if you really want to get a fantastic view of the characters I suggest watching the parade from the Railroad Station. At this point, the characters revel in the fact that they can look up, or even straight at, to the guests standing along this spot. 

If you haven't had a chance to see this parade yet, go. If you've seen this parade 20 times, go again. Or if you've seen this parade 400 times, go again. It's absolutely breath taking, and there are so many aspects to it that you won't see if you only watch it once. 
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