We're Moving Up & We're Moving Out

Like most things, when they come to an end, I wasn't ready to move out of my apartment in the Disney College Program. Well...I take that back, I was half ready to move and half not ready to move. I was ready because I wanted to get out of the six person, two bedroom, two bathroom hell hole that the apartment was. However, I wasn't ready because I didn't want to leave my roommates, Sarah and Madison. Everyone else in the apartment? Meh. I don't talk to them to date, and I'm not really too concerned about them. 

Moving out of that apartment was one of the hardest things for many reasons. I was still getting over having the flu, so I had to move my stuff out in small intervals. On top of that, we were all working so it was hard to get help from my roommates which is how I moved into the apartment since I can't life a lot of stuff because of my shoulder surgery. But we made do. It was moving stuff at 2 am, and in small increments. PLUS I didn't want to keep too much stuff in my car because I was still driving to work and driving around Orlando at this time and didn't want to give someone a reason to break into my car. 

Needless to say, everything was moved pretty much the last day that I was there. Honestly, I was walking out of the apartment for the last time and still finding stuff that I needed to move out. I have the greatest two roommates and if I would have left anything they said they would get it to me somehow. Luckily, I didn't have anything that I left, so there was no need to mail anything across country. 

By the time everything was in my car, poorly packed (of course), there was literally enough room for me to see out of my back window (barely), see my mirrors on either side, and to sit down. Because of this, I decided to drive through the night. The reason is because there are less people on the road, and if I need to change lanes/merge into traffic, even if I couldn't see a car, I could see their headlights. Everyone thought I was crazy when I said that I was going to drive through the night, until I explained to them my reasons. 

Needless to say, I made it home in one piece, and was able to unpack my car by myself (over the course of four hours), since my dad and sister both had work.
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