The Great Debate: Malestrom or Frozen

One of the greatest/biggest announcements that was made during the time that I was doing my Disney College Program was the announcement of Malestrom being taken out and being replaced with a Frozen ride. There were a ton of different reactions from everyone - some people love the idea, and some people hated this idea. And trust me, working in Epcot, I heard all of them. 

While I'm very glad that Epcot is starting to get a facelift, it's my home but it desperately needs a little updating, I don't like the fact that they're taking out Malestrom (have already begun construction) and replacing it for a ride based upon a mythical place. You see, the Norway pavilion is a real place. Arendelle is not a real place that you can find on a map, it's a mythical country. That's where my dislike of the idea for the ride comes from. 

Especially since they had Anna and Elsa meeting in Norway, but then they moved their home meet-and-greet to Magic Kingdom. Maybe with the new ride, there will be an area for Anna and Elsa to return to their kingdom, but it's nothing that's been stated yet. 

Whenever I was working in Disney World, I actually got parents coming up to me and asking where they could ride the new Frozen ride -- which had just been announced as coming in a few years -- and every time that I told them that it hadn't been opened (or even created yet), they would get so incredibly angry. It was incredible to see how frustrated people can be. Though, opening the new ride in Epcot will give families a reason to run to the world show case - which will be great!

Right now, as I'm removed from Eppycot, I can honestly say that it will be a great expansion to add to Disney World. Though, I am definitely sad to see Malestrom close its doors. 
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