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Whenever we got accepted for the Disney College Program, and figured out who we wanted to room with, my roommate Sarah immediately made reservations for us to go to Be Our Guest for dinner. We thought she was crazy for planning everything so far in advanced - we didn't know if we would get the dates off, or if we could even get the dates off. But it turns out, some of us were able to get them off and it was a very good thing that she planned it so far in advance. 

Be Our Guest, for those who don't know, is the restaurant themed off of the Beauty and the Beast. It's absolutely breathtaking and damn near impossible to get a reservation there within three months for dinner. It's harder to get a lunch reservation solely because of the fact that so many people want to eat there too.  It's a relatively new restaurant, which is also another reason why it's very difficult to get into sometimes. 

To be honest, as long as you're not going around peak season/trying to eat at a peak time, you should be fine. We ended up making the reservations about six months in advance, so we were definitely good. For us, it was very worth it, especially since some of our favorite movies growing up included Beauty and the Beast. I loved it because Belle loved to read, which is how I spent my childhood. 

Whenever we walked into the castle, you could hear a sudden intake of all of our breaths. We were stunned from the moment that we walked in until the moment we walked out. We took our seats, and proceeded to wander around the different dining areas. We were seated in the ball room, which I was very appreciative of, even though it was quite loud. The food was wonderful, and the grey stuff is actually delicious.  Because we were eating dinner so late, we were also some of the last people to take pictures with Beast that night. 
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