New Years Eve. Crowd Control. Epcot

no. it's not NYE. no it's not Epcot. But it's all I've got! 

One of the most stressful, the most stressful day that I had at work, hands down, was New Years Eve crowd control at Epcot. Innoventions, the building I worked in, did a lot of crowd control [specifically Sum of All Thrills], but regardless. I loved doing crowd control. Working Illuminations: Reflections of Earth presented by Seimens, was the best part of my job. There is no questioning that. I love Illuminations, and am the most grateful for the fact that I had to work it every night. Except for New Years Eve. 

I've never wanted to cry more, or got yelled at more, or had to threaten to call security, or had to call security, or had to call six managers and two medical teams, or dealt with more people in my entire life. Working Epcot crowd control that night was worse than doing Magic Kingdom crowd contorl any other night. It was so difficult, and trying, but the most rewarding. I have the greatest coordniators and managers hands down - our team was on point. 

The fireworks (what I got to watch of them) were absolutely stunning, and being in Epcot was one of the greatest memories I'll have. However, after that night, I went home and slept for a good 15 hours. Now, it didn't help that I was still recovering from the flu. That kicked me on my butt. But you see, even though it was hard and the most stressful time of our lives, it was also the most fun. The team that I was on made everything a game. We were in the hub area, the most crowded area, and the toughest area to work. And we killed it. It was so much fun. By the end of the night we were delirious. 

I'll never forget everything that happened that night, or having a panic attack in the middle of our break room after dealing with a couple difficult situations. Or you know, accidentally cursing really loudly to my coworker in our break room and having a coordinator I wasn't super close with overhear and start busting out laughing only to come run and check to make sure I was actually okay. I rang in the new year with my Disney family. Something that only seems fitting, since this year is the year of working for Disney it appears. 
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