How Many is Too Many: My Disney Obsession

Have you ever seen the sparkly Minnie ears that Disney World/Disney Parks sell in their parks? Have you ever seen how much they cost? Have you ever bought a pair? see, this is my slight Disney obsession. I am absolutely obsessed with the Minnie ears. I'm not a huge fan of the Mickey ear hats, but the Minnie ears? 

A new pair comes out and I want them absolutely immediately. There are two pairs that I'm still searching for that I don't have - the Halloween ears that are black with orange spider webs all over them, and the blue sparkly ones with silver sparkly stars on them. They're both precious and I just didn't have enough time to grab them/they sold out crazy fast.  

I had been to Disney World before I started my college program, but I had always been in college and never really had the money to purchase merchandise. However, on my college program that all changed because we did receive some discounts on merchandise. The first thing that I bought with our discount was the classic black and red sparkly Minnie ears. They're classic/basic/whatever you want to call it, but basically everyone has a pair. 

Once I bought that first pair, I couldn't stop. I started to fall in love with a ton of different kinds of ears and wanted to get as many sets as I could. I bought probably about six more sets while I was there - I can't really remember and I can't check because they're home in Baton Rouge. The two pairs that I brought with me to California are the classic black and red sparkly pair, and the purple and green sparkly pair that I bought during Halloween in Disney World. 

I'm always keeping my eyes out for any other pair that are released, or one that I may not have. Some people buy clothes, or shoes, or purses with Minnie/Mickey/Disney related things on it, but personally I love the Minnie ears. They're simple enough that they add something to your outfit without actually screaming DISNEY EVERYTHING at the top of your lungs. I've only bought them from Disney World, and haven't bought any off of Etsy or Disney Stores or any other stores that sell them because I like supporting Disney through their merchandise.  
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