Gorilla Watch 2k14

While I was on my College Program in Walt Disney World, there were two baby gorillas that were born/brought to Animal Kingdom. It happened about three months apart, and after that second baby gorilla was born I made it my life's mission to find them and actually be able to see them. This was probably one of the trickiest endeavors that I took on while in Disney World. 

You see, because they're babies and were just born they were only out on display in Animal Kingdom for short periods of time. I literally went at least twice a week for three weeks to try and see them. I would go early in the morning then later in the evening, even once or twice around the afternoon. I could never find them; I was either too late or they weren't coming out that day. I started to get really, really discouraged. Especially when Sarah, Colin, and I went on the Wild Africa Trek in Animal Kingdom and that was one of the two things I was really excited to probably be able to see (the other were the elephants - my favorite hands down). However whenever we were walking around, they weren't out then either.

Finally, it happened. I was with my mom and step dad and it was a 'if it doesn't happen now, it's never going to happen for me' kind of moment. My hopes were very low and then it happened. I walked into the gorilla sanctuary and there they were just hanging out with their moms. I was ecstatic. Needless to say I then spent about 20 minutes staring at the babies and just watched them play and hang out. My mom and step dad basically had to drag me out of there. 
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