Bring What You Can

...that was what the theme was to our pot lucks at Innoventions at night. There was a crew of us that would always work "Illuminations: Reflections of Earth, presented by Siemens." And yes, you do have to say/write out the entire thing. Regardless, there was a group of us that would work it almost literally every single night. We became really close, really quickly. And trust me when I say, we ran that show. 

Well, since our building closed at 7pm, we had a little bit of time before we would finish cycling out the attraction before we had to go out to Illuminations. It started because someone would always bring popcorn, and we would always share it. Then it escalated, one person would bring popcorn, and the other people would either bring something or they would run down to the vending machines and grab something to bring. 

We would sit there and decompress from the earlier day of working with people right before going out for another two hours to deal with the crowds of the day. It was great because that's where we bonded as well. We'd share inside jokes, talk about our days, and talk about plans we wanted to make. We had normal potlucks, then we had huge ones for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I'm so thankful for our little potlucks, and the little family that I formed in Orlando.

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