A Very Merry Christmas // Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party

Something that I decided that I wanted to do whenever I was in Orlando was to take advantage of everything that Disney had to offer for me. This especially meant whenever it came to different celebrations and parties, like the ones they held during Halloween and Christmas. I had been to Mickey's Not So Scary in September, so it only felt right going to Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party in November. My friend/coworker Lauren bought a ticket with me and we decided to go together, just the two of us. 

We both had the day off, so we went and bought her ticket that afternoon in Epcot, since we worked there and we wanted to visit our friends before the Christmas party. After buying the ticket we played in the park for a little bit, and visited our friends at Inno (and even rode SOAT). Everyone was so confused of why were were there and dressed so nicely. Literally everyone we ran into, especially our managers, commented on how cute we were. It was definitely a boost of confidence. 

It ended up being perfect since it was just the two of us because we could literally do whatever we wanted. It wasn't like we had to plan with a big group or make sure that everyone got to do at least one thing that they wanted to do. On top of my list was going to the cookie/hot chocolate stations and watching the fireworks and parades. Lauren really wanted to watch the parades/fireworks and ride some rides with a crazy short line. We did everything and still had time to spare. We got an amazing spot for Holiday Wishes & the Christmas parade. 

We rode the rides we wanted to, which all had a super short wait since the parties were closed off to normal day guests. We got dinner at the Friar's Nook, which is where they have mac n cheese everything. Lauren went for normal mac n cheese and I went for a mac n cheese hot dog - it was incredibly worth it. We talked about life, what we wanted to achieve, how much we were thankful for each other and our families and friends, and laughed and laughed. 

The parade was absolutely beautiful, and the fireworks were also incredible. Even though we were there in early November for the Christmas parade, it was the perfect time to go. The park wasn't too crowded because it wasn't the highest point of peak season yet and the party wasn't sold out. Plus, it was the perfect temperature. We both had sweaters on, with jeans and boots, and it was the perfect outfit for a really great night. We didn't have any problems that night and parking was super easy to. I hold some of these memories close to my heart and I'm so thankful for Lauren for coming with me, especially super last minute (like we do). 
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