A Lunch Date for Two at Via Napoli

In Disney World, Epcot specifically, there is a restaurant in the Italian pavilion called Via Napoli. It's tucked into the corner of the pavilion, and it's very good. One day after work, my coworker (and current roommate) Sonya and I decided that we were going to go and grab a bite to eat and a drink after work. It was early afternoon, and we didn't have an issue getting a table at the restaurant. 

Neither of us had eaten in Italy before, so we figured why not at least try it out. I can honestly say it was absolutely delicious. It is a table service restaurant, so it sometimes does require reservations. I had pizza, and a glass of sangria, and Sonya had pizza and a bellini. 

The atmosphere is absolutely wonderful, and because we were sitting by a window we were able to people watch the entire time. I got kicks out of hearing the waiters speak in Italian (since I know quite a bit), and actually being able to understand and translate. Of course, I was in good company, which always helps out. 

Italy holds a dear place in my heart, to say the least, after I studied there a few summers ago. Some days whenever I would have a bad day at work, I would go and sit in the Italian pavilion just to relax, and walk around. It was nice to sit there and just listen to the music, and watch people talk with one another. It's like you're in your own little world all while being part of this larger corporation. 

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    1. It was absolutely fantastic. If you find yourself in Disney World ever, you should definitely check it out


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