During my college program in Disney World, in Florida, I worked in a building called Innoventions. At the time, they had Innoventions East and Innoventions West. I worked in Future World West, at Innoventions East. There is a ride inside of there called Sum of All Thrills. This is where I gained my so many friends who became family. However, there is one girl who I became especially close with, partially because of the fact that we looked so similar. 

On my first day of training at SOAT (Sum of All Thrills), I was walking around with my trainer and a girl named Haena came running up to me and goes 'ANNE YOU'RE BACK.' This was the first sign of things to come - call it foreshadowing, if you will. I nervously shook my head and laughed and introduced myself. She felt bad about it for a hot second, but we quickly became friends. 

The funniest moment happened a few days later, when my now best friend Thomas was walking by Test Vehicle and I was standing there. He was standing behind me and goes 'Wow, Anne you cut your hair.' I turned around and his face turned bright red. He was so embarrassed that he literally went 'You're not Anne, sorry', turned around and walked away. I laughed so hard, after being a little embarrassed as well. Needless to say, he never mixed the two of us up again.

It took me a few days, but I finally met this mysterious Anne who I supposedly looked like. We looked at each other and just laughed, we're both tall, blonde, and about the same size. So it was easy to see why people would mistake us for each other. Plus, there were only three blondes at Innoventions, so we could understand the mishap. Anne and I became best friends really quickly, and became inseparable. It was easy because we literally lived in the same apartment complex, in buildings next to each other. 

We began to hang out so much, and even were saying the same things and spending so much time around each other, and looked so much alike (according to others), that one of our friends came up with #twinnoventions (yes, with the hashtag). It was great, and we began to tag all of our pictures with that, and we began to celebrate our best friend-iversary. Whenever we talk, we still use the hashtag, and we still tag our pictures like that. It truly was foreshadowing on my first day of work of what was to come.
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