The Stardust Cafe

Any chance to get out of the Orlando/Walt Disney World area that I could get, I took it. One of these adventures that I decided to take was with my friend Kelsey. We decided one day that we were sick of all the chain restaurants and coffee places around Orlando, so we were going to find a different place. After a little bit of searching, we found a place called the Stardust Cafe. 

It was a 45 minute drive from Kelsey's apartment, which was a 30 minute drive from my place, so we were in the car for quite a bit of time to say the least. But when we got there, it was completely worth it. To say that Stardust Cafe is a coffee shop would be selling it short, to say the least. There was a bar at night, food during the day, and coffee. Really, really, really good coffee. 

The atmosphere is what really stuck with me the entire time we were there. There were three different rooms, that were vastly different from each other. The first room that we walked into was very cozy - it had books and movies with long tables throughout the entire thing. The second room that we walked into had the coffee bar with a couple tables, and the third room had the actual bar with more tables. It was crazy to see how everything was separated, and interconnected at the same time. 

We sat there for two hours, sharing two dishes of food, each with our own coffee. We sat there and talked for hours upon hours about everything that we could think of. We talked about our future and what we were scared about. I had known at this time that I was going to be moving, and she was going to be staying. It would be the first time since we became instant best friends that we'd be living apart from each other, and that's a terrifying thought.

There was tons of art on the walls, some terrifying and creepy, some breathtaking and beautiful. We fell in love with the place, and the drive that it took to get there. Seeing the sights of Orlando was perfect, and the best way to get me to slowly but surely fall in love with the city.

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