Even the Bad Days, Aren't Really Bad

At times, working at Epcot was a bit challenging. That's not to say I didn't adore every second though. Working in Orlando was the most challenging and rewarding jobs I've ever had. However, wherever you work, you're going to have bad days and good days. I can honestly say that even though some days were bad, they were never really that bad. You see, working for Disney has amazing perks, one of them being that you can go into the parks whenever you'd like. 

I loved working in Epcot because when I'd have a really off day, I would just go into Epcot (either before work, or after work if they were open) and head straight to the Nemo ride. You see, not only do they have the Nemo ride inside the building, they also have an amazing aquarium. Sitting there and just staring at the fish, and the dolphins, and they even have manatees. It was so therapeutic to just sit there and watch all the different types of fish interacting. 

Working in the happiest place in the world has it's days. It's hard to stay so happy and positive whenever your job can be very trying, but sometimes all it takes is taking a moment and realizing how lucky you are to work in such an amazing place, for such an amazing company. It's the little moments like this that also remind me how lucky I am, because I can take time and just sit there for two hours if I want to. It's crazy for me to think that I'm able to do things like this whenever some people save for months/years to visit and I got to live and work there for six months. It's an experience I'll always hold near to my heart, and I wouldn't trade it for the world.
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