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Hello, this is me. See, I'm still alive. I'm a little bit older, and I'm a little bit wiser (jokes). But I am alive. This is my new apartment in California. I'm trying to get my life together, and I've got a lot planned out for the next couple of weeks/month. I've written down a lot from my time in Orlando, and want to mix it in with my time here in California. Which I can do, because this is my little blog. Some of the posts are about the holidays, and some are not. Some are about the people I met, while others are about places I went, or experiences I had. 

So, it may take a little bit to get back to a normal posting schedule, whatever that may be to anyone. But I'm going to try to at least post 3 times a week. This blog began as a way to keep my family updated, and document my interests (well, when I began blogging freshman year of high school) and how they changed. So that's basically what you'll see here. I've moved from Louisiana to Florida and now to California. It's been a crazy journey, but a great one nonetheless. 

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