Back to the 50's!

Whenever my mom & step dad were visiting me in Florida, we made it our mission to try and squeeze in as much Disney goodness as we could. One of the first stops on the list that my mom really wanted to go to was 50's Prime Time Cafe. There's a picture of my brother, my mom, and me in 50's Prime Time from when I was about 7 years old and we had come to visit Disney World. I wish I was at home so I could find that picture, but it's serious gold. 

One of the memories that I had from the first time we were at 50's was going to the restroom and whenever I came back, the waiter asked me what color the soap was when I washed my hands. I  froze...I didn't know what color the soap was, how was I supposed to know I just washed my hands. So I went back, washed my hands again, and looked at what color the soap was. 

This time there were many more fun moments as well. It was a trip for just me, my mom, and step dad, and it was super special to be able to spend time with just them. Since there were only three of us, the waiter sat down at the table. He was so much fun and just played along with us throughout the meal. He fussed at us for not eating everything, and fussed at us for putting our elbows on the table. The waiters and waitresses here basically act like you're part of the family, back in the 50's and I absolutely love it. 

All of the food that we tried here were absolutely delicious, and I would honestly recommend anything here. It tastes like my moms/grandma's cooking.  However for desert, which of course we had to try, I had to have the peanut butter and jelly milkshake (to-go, of course). It was seriously the best decision and I would recommend that to everyone as well. 
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