We're Going to Cali!

I didn't know if I would actually want to go to California when I signed up for it, but the moment that I was flying into Anaheim, I knew I made a good decision. I was nervous, scared even, to go to a place where I would only know one single person. I didn't know if I would like California. I'm an east coast girl, hands down. I grew up in the south, in the east, I love it there and wouldn't trade where I grew up for anything in the world. 

But then I flew into California. I saw hills, that looked like mountains to me, and the beach both at the same time. My nerves started to go down, and I started to become excited. You see, I'm the kind of person that has to see the destination before I get really excited about it. 

I'm still very overwhelmed by it. It's a lot to take in, especially growing up under sea level, and the fact that I can see hills/mountains/whatever they're called is really, really, awesome. My flights to get to California were very, very well. Luckily, I flew into a small airport in Houston and there were only a couple of gates (maybe 20?), and my flight out of the airport was at the gate right next to the one I had just gotten off of. 

I flew with Southwest, the first time I've flown with them, absolutely wonderful. Especially because they let you have two bags checked for free. That was seriously great, and so helpful. I've got another flight booked with them for later this year, and then soon after that there will be my flight home.  California's been great, and I couldn't think a better way to start off the new year than with a change in scenery. 

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