The Hardest Goodbyes

There were a few goodbyes that I had to say on the way out of Florida. They were some of the hardest goodbyes that I've had to date. The first ones came in the form of coworker who had to leave a little early. He was one of my best friends at work, and his fiance was one of the sweetest people I've ever met in my entire life. They were some of the closest friends I had there and the easiest people I've gotten along with. After a dinner with most of our coworkers, we had to say goodbye. It was a tearful goodbye, on my part and then theirs. 

The next came in the form of my goodbye: I had to say goodbye to my coworkers. We all said goodbye on the same day, it was just the fact that I was the first one to leave (besides Sonya, my roommate). We all ended up going to breakfast and shared stories and just talked, for a good two hours. After breakfast we decided to take our family pictures, because that was what they were to me. Family. We look like a freaking Christmas card. And I love it. 

Saying goodbye to these people was the hardest thing in the world. They were my rock for the past six months; they were my best friends. And it was worth it. This entire program was worth it because of the people that I met there. After saying goodbye to my work family, I went back to the apartment for one last look. My roommates and I agreed not to say goodbye; it was too hard and it wasn't goodbye for us. 

Afterward, I started to drive out and I went to say my hardest goodbye. The pinnacle of the hardest goodbyes. My best friends down on the program, Tom and his wife Sonya. They've been the closest things I had to family while I was down here. He's my older brother and she's my older sister. 

The family that I've made while working in Walt Disney World will never go away, we still talk on a normal basis and that's something I'll forever be grateful for. 

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