Packing to Unpack Only to Repack

There are a ton of things I want to talk about, to write about, to remember, and I'll get to them eventually, but right now I want to write about the things that are fresh on my mind, and then work backwards. It may not seem like a lot of sense but It makes sense to me. So now, that we've talked about what's on my agenda for the next few days: I'm going to talk about attempting to unpack my car because lord knows that was the biggest task I had. 

Packing up my car took a literal week, between working and attempting to pack my car, and pack up my apartment, and still keep up a social life for the last week of my program. It was stressful and probably the least fun thing I've done in quite some time, but it was done. My car was an absolute wreck, much like my emotions that last week, and I literally only had enough room to see my mirrors and to see out my back window, just a little bit. 

After the 12 hour drive home, I took about a three hour nap and then decided to tackle the task that was unpacking my car. My room, and the kitchen, and our spare room looked as if a hurricane had come through there. It was crazy, and intense. It took me about an hour to unpack everything from my car, and then about two days to put everything back in place, only to have to pack it up again. 

Packing for California was stressful, and something I hope I never have to do again. Moving across country with two suitcases, to live there for eight months was difficult. Two suitcases, under 50 pounds each, a carry on and a personal item. My dad and I must have weighed my suitcases at least 20 times. And finally we got them both down to right under 50 pounds each. It's been a crazy journey, but one I'm quite thankful for to say the least.

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