Beaches on the West Coast: Corona Del Mar

On one of our days off the first week here in California, Sonya and I decided to go to the beach. We had to decide between Huntington, Newport, Laguna, or Corona del Mar. In the end, it was a no brainer because Corona Del Mar has a Sprinkles Cupcake and a Sprinkles Ice Cream near it. So we got up and quickly got dressed and ready for the day and headed to the beach. 

Driving out there was astounding for me. It was so crazy to see the hills/mountains/whatever you want to call them. It makes me so happy to see different landscapes. When we came off the top of a hill and could see the ocean, my heart immediately fluttered.

The houses here are so diverse, there are a ton of different styles of architecture and that's crazy to me. It's not something that you really see as prevalently in Louisiana. The beach is so different from Florida, and it's amazing. There are rocks, and cliffs, and the beach, and a jetty (still not quite sure what that is). And it's beautiful, and diverse. 

We parked at the top of the hill and found stairs down to the coast for the Coronal Del Mar State Beach. We walked, as carefully as possible, down the stairs to the beach. We walked around the beach, and played in the water. We talked to some other beach goers, and played with a puppy. Then we climbed the large rocks, and found another pathway to the beaches. I wore my sling because my shoulder had been bothering me and the entire time Sonya and I kept laughing and saying how it was so irresponsible of us and how if anything happens my best friend would kill us.

Good news is, we didn't fall and we didn't get hurt. We climbed the rocks, played in the water, and still had a really good time. Being by the beach, by the ocean and the water, made me think of Louisiana. It reminded me of home, reminded me of my paw paw's fishing camp. I grew up by the water, and being nearer to it here than in Florida makes me so happy. Do I know where I'll end up? No. But we'll get there. 
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