Two Belated Birthdays

This past summer was insanely stressful, yet insanely amazing at the same time. However, with my maw maw passing and moving to Orlando we didn't really do much for birthday's this year - including mine, my sisters, and my dads. 

So while it may be late, here's a little happy birthday to my sister and my dad. 

Shebs, aka little bit, I cannot believe that you're already 19 years old. This is absolutely crazy to me. I'm so insanely proud of you setting your mind to do something, and working on achieving it so hard. You're doing great in school right now, and I know you're going to be a great nurse someday. I love you little bit. 

And last but not least, Dad. Thank you for always supporting me in what I want to do. I know that moving myself over 700 miles away from home was not really ever on your list of 'things to do', but I'm so glad that you've been such a great sport about it. Thank you for being such a loving and supporting figure in my life. 

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