The Most Magical Moment

As Disney cast members, we're expected to make magical moments and make magic happen for the families that come to Disney World. Working here has given me such an appreciation for every aspect of customer service. It's also taught me that it's not just us making magic for the guests, it's also the guests making magic for the cast members. 

One night, my life was literally made for me - if I don't have any other super special guest interaction after this, it would honestly be okay. I work in a building called Innoventions and the cast of Sum of All Thrills actually works illuminations, which is Epcot's show every night.
Every night we're assigned to Illuminate, we have different positions that we're required to work. One night I was assigned to work Ropes, which meant I stand at the end of the ropes in the Fast Past reservation area and answer any questions that anyone may have. 

One family that night was from Michigan, and they had two little kids - Ava and Isaiah - who were 7 and 9. I was just chatting with the family, we bonded over the fact that my roommate is from Michigan. I literally spoke to them for about 45 minutes, one and off just chatting. It was their first time to Disney World, and they came to Epcot on their first day. They had about a week left and so I gave them as many suggests and ideas as I could. 

By the end of our conversation, I was looking at all the characters and princesses who had signed their autograph books. Isaiah came running up to me and asked me to sign his autograph book, right next to the princesses. Then Ava did the same. My heart immediately swelled as I signed my first and last name in their book next to the characters. 

I've never felt so loved, and felt like I've done my job better in my entire life. It's amazing what a lasting impact you can make on someones vacation, or even their life, by just talking to them. 

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