The Girls are Back in Town!

I'm so lucky that my best friend from this summer accepted a position with Disney for a professional internship in engineering. So lucky, because having her here reminds me of home all the time.

She's moved around a lot, for college and different internships, so she was used to moving around. I went to college in the same town that I grew up in, so I was definitely not used to moving around. She's served as my bit of sanity (this summer) since she's been here, and my little piece of home. 

She lives about 30 minutes away, which sucks, but it's not something we haven't dealt with before - however I am making less money and gas is crazy expensive so seeing each other is a little more complicated. 

Kelsey is one of those once in a lifetime friends - she's not afraid to tell me whenever I'm being dumb, or not looking at everything correctly. She's not afraid to tell me that I'm crazy whenever I come up with an idea that, let's be honest probably isn't that great. And she's definitely not afraid to tell me whenever she thinks I'm making a bad decision with my love life - or lack there of. She's also one of the most supportive people I know, and while she may not approve of something I do, she will always support my decisions. 

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